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As everything in life changes
Use Avery® Removable Labels
Things change in business all the time and it can often cause extra work. But it is easy to keep up to date with changes when you use Avery Removable Labels. You can use them for a range of business projects including organising files, promoting products and pricing and creating temporary notes or instructions. Plus they are eco-friendly so you can help the environment too.

Simply stick and lift
It couldn’t be easier to use Avery Removable Labels and get fantastic results because:
- They stick securely
- Are removable without leaving residue
- It’s easy to adjust the positioning
Read on to find out how you can use Avery Removable Labels in your workplace.
Product and Price Labelling
If you have products for sale you need to make sure you stay ahead of the competition. Product information may change or you may need to quickly reduce the price or promote an offer to maximise sales opportunities. You can remove the old price label and replace with a new one at any time. Don’t worry if it isn’t applied correctly the first time, it can easily be adjusted before it sticks firmly.
Organising and Filing
You can easily stay on top of filing when you use Avery Removable Labels. Whenever you need to change the contents of your files you simply remove the old label and replace with a new one.
The labels can be used on files, boxes, shelves and cupboards so you can always identify the contents quickly but no residue will be left behind when the label is removed.
Temporary Notes and Property Labelling
When you need to create temporary notes or instructions these labels are ideal. So if you are moving offices, you can label boxes and equipment and then remove the labels when the move is complete. Perhaps you need some temporary direction signs that will be placed on doors.
These labels won’t leave a sticky residue once removed so your property will not be damaged.

Eco-friendly labels
Help the environment by using the White Laser Mini Labels as they are eco-friendly. The eco-friendly labels are FSC certified, made with paper from well managed forests as well as being fully recyclable with your other paper waste.

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