Start the week by talking about the green improvements
your company could make and what might motivate you
and your colleagues to stick to these new ideas.
  • It could be keeping the money you save by being green for something special to treat the team
  • It might be a green rewards programme, awarding the green office heroes on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis
  • Have you thought of setting green targets? What benefits could there be for achieving these goals?
  • You could try recording the progress of your green efforts and comparing them with previous years, the results will help to encourage and motivate the team
To kick off Green Office Week 2015 on Motivation Monday we are:
  • Talking about inspiring green change and picking our favourite motivational tips for the Big Green Crowdsourced Guide
  • Turning office traditions green, today we’re looking at how to make the working lunch break green – join in the discussion using #greenoffice15
  • Blogging about the day and sharing the story on Storify