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Why organising your desk makes you feel awesome

Decluttering is good for the mind as well as the workspace. Scientific studies have shown that the chaos of a cluttered environment actually restricts the ability to focus and limits the brain’s capacity to process information. So a messy desk could really be holding you back!


Get back in control

When you’ve got a heavy workload it can be difficult to stay on top of your tasks, add to that a messy desk and you’ll soon start to feel out of control. It sounds simple but a tidy workspace provides clarity, not just for the desk but for the mind too. Enabling you start to feel in control once again.

A tidy desk puts you back in control

Surround yourself with positivity

When you frequently find your surroundings depressing or disappointing it can have a negative impact on how you feel. You don’t want that creeping into your work and affecting it do you? Keeping your area clear, clutter free, bright and even colourful will help to ensure you’re working to the best of your ability.


Make a good impression

As human beings we make unconscious decisions and judgements all the time without even realising it. A messy workspace isn’t going to say great things about you to your boss, clients or colleagues. If you’re a hard worker, it’s likely people will know this already, so don’t let an untidy desk jeopardise your reputation. Keeping a clear and bright space is an easy way to show you care about your work.

A clean desk helps with a good impression

Time for you

Being organised does save you time, so it’s worth storing and filing the things you need properly. This way you won’t waste time looking for something or have to feel that sense of panic when something goes missing. Although getting organised can take time, ultimately, in the long run you’ll have more time for yourself.


Increased productivity

The clarity gained from a calm, tidy work space, together with the time saving can translate into increased productivity at work. With your brain better able to focus you should be able to achieve more, possibly in less time.
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A clean and tidy desk

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