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How colour can improve the way you work

Studies have shown colours can impact our mood and mental state, so with the launch of Avery ColorStak we thought we’d explore the influence of colours in the workplace. Which colours will help keep you cool under pressure and which will encourage positivity? We have waded through the research and here’s what we found…

Avery ColorStak in blue

Calming blue for stressful situations

If your office is a fast-paced and high stress environment you might want to consider increasing the presence of the colour blue, it’s said to lower blood pressure and be conducive to a calmer state of mind. Experts say we associate it with blue skies too, which of course means good weather and who doesn’t love that? To boost the blue in your office we recommend the Avery ColorStak Office Set in blue.

Avery ColorStak in green

Go green if you work long hours

More than one piece of research suggests that green is restful for the eyes, producing less eye strain, which has got to be good for anyone slaving away for long hours at their desk. The way green reminds us of nature is said to help promote tranquillity too – something we could all do with at our desks! For a pop of bright green at your desk, try Avery’s ColorStak Office Set in green, like the others in the range, it comes with matching office essentials such as sticky notes and scissors too. 

Avery ColorStak in pink

Nurturing pink for a pleasant environment

Many of us have a love hate relationship with pink, it’s a little bit like Marmite in that respect. However, there’s plenty of evidence to suggest pink is powerfully calming and helps alleviate feelings of anger and agression. Several studies suggest pink is playful, lighthearted, romantic and even reminiscent of childhood. Avery’s bold pink  ColorStak accessories are certainly bright and fun, promoting happiness and showcasing a bold style.
Avery ColorStak in black

Show you mean business with sophisticated black
For many of us, smooth and sleek black is symbolic of sophistication, we wear ‘black tie’ for formal occasions or a ‘little black dress’ when we want to impress.. Above all, black is a classic colour that never goes out of fashion. To add some smart black detailing to your desk, take a look at Avery’s ColorStak Office Set in black.
Avery ColorStak range

Mix colours for style and harmony
To feel the benefits of all these mood-boosting colours, why not mix and match different accents of them at your desk? The good news is you can purchase all of the Avery ColorStak accessories separately to create a truly colourful desktop. You could combine restful green with playful pink to help balance you for the day. Alternatively, a mix of all colours can look contemporary and stylish too, offering you bright, clear and inspiring workspace.

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