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Double-Sided Business Cards: A Card with Many Possibilities
There’s one thing you can count on in business: things change. Employees get hired and promoted. Offices change locations, or branch out to new ones. Different promotions are used to encourage sales. So are your business cards keeping up to date? Not if you’re using a commercial printer!. Once you place the order, discuss minimum order quantities and deal with the lead time, your information is locked in, and changing your card can be an expensive and time consuming.

Business Cards Without the Wait

With Avery® Double-Sided Quick&Clean™ Business Cards and Avery Design & Print Online, there’s no hurry, no worry and no big expense. You can create customised double-sided business cards in minutes, direct from your desktop, easily handling whatever information changes come your way. Print as many as you want, when you want. The smooth, non-perforated edges and thick card stock gives you a professional, print shop-quality feel. Just visit Avery Design & Print Online and help yourself to the free Avery templates and design tool!

Two Is Better Than One

What’s better than having a business card filled on one side with essential information? An Avery Double-Sided Quick&Clean Business Card, with information printed on BOTH sides. With this unique design, you can use one side as a traditional business card, and still have the freedom to include information on the reverse. You may want to offer your customers a 10% discount, or tell them where to find your booth at an upcoming trade show. You might show a map of your office location, or the next appointment time for your client. The choice is yours.

A Card with Many Possibilities

There’s more than one way to use these Double-Sided Quick&Clean Business Cards. Here are some creative solutions to help you get the most out of your cards.

Recognising Employees with a Professional Touch

Someone in your office gets a well-deserved promotion, or a new employee is starting their job. Somehow, presenting them with business cards highlighting their new title or job a few weeks after the fact seems anticlimactic. Why wait? Print up professional-looking business cards with Avery Double-Sided Quick&Clean Business Cards and the help of Avery Design & Print Online. The cards can be ready in minutes and they’ll look like they just came from the printer.

Inviting Solution for Real Estate

When you’re working in the real estate market, how do you ensure that customers remember you and the property which you are offering? By giving them all the details they need on the back of your Avery Double-Sided Quick&Clean Business Card. On one side, list your contact information. On the other side, consider printing a picture of the house for sale, key features, and even a calendar with the date of the open house circled. You’ll find pre-designed templates on Avery Design & Print Online to help you create your own customised cards from start to finish. And because you can print as many or as few as you need, you can change the details featured on the back of your card as your inventory changes.

Taking Care of Your Customers

Whether you work in a hair salon, dental office or medical practice, you'll always have competitors. So how can you make sure that your customers return to your business? By making things easy for them – like scheduling their next appointment before they leave your office. And to help your customers remember the date, use the back of your Avery Double-Sided Quick&Clean Business Card to include the appointment reminder. Go to Avery Design & Print Online and you’ll find pre-designed templates that make it a snap to personalise both sides of your card.

Promoting Your Business with an Incentive

If you find your restaurant business slows down after the weekend, consider using a promotion that offers your loyal customers a free dessert and coffee when they eat at your restaurant at the beginning of the week. Just use Avery Double-Sided Quick&Clean Business Cards to include your regular business card information on the front, then customise the back with your special offer. Print the quantity you want, then simply hand them out to customers at the restaurant.

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