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Do-It-Yourself Business Cards
The minute you get to work you’re approached by the company's top salesman. He’s out of business cards and needs them for a lunchtime seminar with new clients. Ten minutes later, a manager tells you that her new employee will start tomorrow, and will need business cards immediately. And to top it off, a recently promoted employee asks for her much-needed business cards, updated with her new job title – today. When you don’t have time to delay, and need it done right away, you can count on Avery® Quick&Clean™ Business Cards to help you get the job done.

With our Quick&Clean Business Cards, you can produce high-quality, professional-grade cards directly from your desktop printer. Once you have created and printed your designs click the cards apart for a smooth, clean edge with no perforations – the cards will look so good, no one will suspect you printed them yourself.

Typically when you order through your printer, you need to place a minimum quantity order, give the shop the information to place on the card (with the same information printed on all the cards), and then wait. Avery Quick&Clean Business Cards give you the flexibility to print as many cards as you need, when you need them, and you can update them at any time – which can significantly lower your printing costs, reduce waste, and save you time.

Avery Quick&Clean Business Cards are produced in crisp, heavyweight card - 220gsm for an inkjet printer and 250gsm for laser. To suit everyone's needs there are four different products. For an inkjet printer there are matt and glossy finishes and for laser you can use laser for mono and spot colours or laser colour that has a classy satin finish.

Ready to create your own business cards? Here are some quick tips to get you started:

Keep It Simple

If you are designing new business cards, remember to keep the design simple. Crisp, clear spaces, space around the text, and not too much variation of font styles.

Include All Your Key Information

Your logo should stand out, but the business card also needs to allocate enough space to get all the necessary contact information on it in a legible font size.

Be Consistent

If your company has an established business card design and logo, you can easily re-create your own company business cards. Just be sure to follow the corporate graphic standards. Check out the pre-designed Avery templates on Avery Design & Print Online. It’s free, there’s nothing to download, and works with Microsoft® Windows® or Mac®. Plus, it's simple to use and pretty soon, you’ll be on your way as your own do-it-yourself print shop!
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- You can recreate your company business cards in three easy steps with Avery Quick&Clean Business Cards using Avery Design & Print Online.

1. Go to Design & Print Online and select Business Cards or enter your product number.

2. Select a design to personalise

3. Enter all your information—name, address, etc. You can change the font style, as well as import your own art or logos, then print!

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