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Business Cards On Demand
Does your company throw away more business cards than it actually gives out? The last time you re-ordered business cards, how many partially-used boxes of outdated cards did you discard? And what were the reasons? The employee changed titles? Or left the company? Or changed phone or fax numbers? Did you think, “What a waste of money and trees!”

Now you can create business cards direct from your desktop and print them yourself, immediately. No waiting for days for them to arrive from the printer. No leftovers that have to be thrown away. No new employees who have to say “I’m just waiting on my business cards”. And, if you need cards for a specific occasion, like a sales meeting or fundraiser, you can print just the amount you need, when you need them.

The key to creating business cards on demand is having a template to start from. Once you create the template, save it to use again in the future. That way, whenever new cards are needed, you can just open the template, revise the information and print. You can pass the template along to others, too. Then everyone will be able to print business cards whenever they need them.

If you work in a large corporation, check to see if a template exists for your company’s official business cards. If not, with the right tools, it’s easy to design a card for the first time. Avery® software and template solutions take some of the guess work and effort out of the design process, but allow you to personalise and customise without having to start from scratch.

Of course, before you get started, it’s important to consider what you want your business cards to say about your company. Choose a card design that’s appropriate for your business, industry and personal style.

Why Not Focus on One of These Key Styles?

1. Basic cards: when presenting essential information is the only purpose. Simple design, concise information. Classic combination of logo and key contact details.

2. Picture cards: when a picture or caricature is on the card, the contact remembers who gave it to them or the product that he or she sells. Common in industries such as real estate or personal consultancy.

3. Multi-purpose cards: when it’s important to promote more than name and contact information. A card can feature a price discount offer, an appointment reminder or other valuable information.

4. Unconventional cards: when originality is part of your image. Creativity knows no bounds. Use colour with flair. No matter what image you’re striving to create, Avery Quick& Clean™ Business Cards can help. With clean, smooth edges and an impressive finish, your business cards will be virtually indistinguishable from commercially printed business cards. They are the perfect solution when you need flawless business cards–fast!
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An Easy Way to Create Business Cards
- You can recreate your company business cards in three easy steps with Avery Quick&Clean Business Cards using Avery Design & Print Online.

1. Go to Design & Print Online and select Business Cards or enter your product number.

2. Select a design to personalise

3. Enter all your information—name, address, etc. You can change the font style, as well as import your own art or logos, then print!

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