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5 Tips for decluttering success in the office

You’ve probably heard a lot about the benefits of de cluttering, particularly when it comes to your desk or workspace. If you’d like to banish clutter but are feeling a little overwhelmed at the task, here are 5 top tips to help you through the process.

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Positive goals

Positivity is the key to success, so set yourself some achievable goals and remember to congratulate yourself when you manage them. It could be labelling all your storage boxes or folders, finding a storage set up that works for your space or just getting on top of your filing. Every small step makes a difference.

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Stack it up

A clear desk is best if you want to work to your full potential, so keep the clutter you store on it to a minimum. Of course there are some desktop essentials you’ll want nearby, such as sticky notes, pens, note books or paper clips. So why not opt for a stackable storage solution in order to maximise your available desk space?

Avery ColorStak is designed to be self-stacking, without the need for connecting risers – stack the accessory trays up as high as you need to create set up that works for your space. 

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Personalise your filing

Develop a filing system that’s unique to you. Whether you go for storage boxes, stackable trays, files or folders, create the filing categories that will help you be efficient and label them up accordingly. This way you won’t waste time searching for things or crowd your desk trying to keep the things you need ‘close to hand’ all the time.
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Form a habit
There’s some debate over how long it takes for an action to become a habit, ranging from 21 days to 66, it’s likely this will vary depending on your personality and the habit you’re trying to cultivate. However, we suggest you begin setting aside just five minutes before or after you start work to restore some order to your desk and make sure it’s a pleasant space; you’ll soon become accustomed to this process and start to see long lasting benefits.

Create and inspiring workspace
Lastly, make sure you create a pleasing work space, incorporating the style and colours you really like. This will help to create a happy, productive and inspiring environment in which to work. It sounds simple but if you like your surroundings, you’re much more likely to want to look after them and keep them tidy. We recommend checking out the Avery ColorStak range for a quick, easy and effective way to introduce bright, mood boosting colours to your desk.

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