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Because you never know when you need a label … or a cookie.

Get organised anywhere on the go

We’re always looking for simple ways to get and stay organised. With Avery Label Pads, it doesn’t get any easier—just write, peel and stick. They’re the perfect companion for busy lives.
- Organise your storage boxes with sticky Avery Multi-Use Label Pads.

Easy identification stops the guesswork
Drawing a blank when you meet someone new? Do you need to get used to the names of your new school class or kindergarden? Put an end to the mystery with Avery Label Pads. Use Avery Label Pads to just “fill in the blank” right away. They make identification easy!
- Create badges easily with Avery Name Badge Labels. They stick firmly yet remove easily, and work with most fabrics.


Personalise it—and make it yours
So many objects lead such anonymous lives. But when they get lost, it makes it harder to know where, or to whom, they belong. Label your belongings with Avery Label Pads and make happy reunions happen.
- Mark your personal belongings, supplies and even lunches at school or work with Avery Multi-Use Label Pads.



A little communication goes a long way
Remember all those times you forgot something? We all have a lot on our minds. But if there’s one thing you should remember, it’s Avery Label Pads—the handy way to take notes, reminders and messages, and make forgetfulness a thing of the past.

- Write down your grocery list, urgent to do lists, important dates, reminders and other quick messages on Avery Removable Label Pads to keep you on track.
- Avery Removable Label Pads aren’t all about business—it’s a fun way to communicate, too. Surprise your child with a note inside his or her lunch box that reads, “Good luck on your maths test!” Or support your loved one at work with a message attached to his or her briefcase that says, “Knock ‘em dead with your presentation today!”

For a fast and easy way to get organised, think Avery Label Pads. They’re perfect for one-at-a-time or quick labeling needs. For work, school or home, Avery Label Pads are ready when you are. How will you use your Avery Label Pads?


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