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Organise your work, your way with Avery NoteTabs.

Always the same issue finding your favourite recipe?

With Small Avery NoteTabs, it's easy to organise, and stay organised in your kitchen. Choose your favourite page, mark it with a coloured Small NoteTab. You will never loose time again! You can also reposition it without lifting the ink nor damaging your best cook book.

Need space to take some notes?

Square Avery NoteTabs help you get organised in more ways than one. Thanks to their larger size, you can write more text onto. Add comments to pages in reading books, diaries and cookbooks to improve the recipe. Highlight sections in text and reference books. Mark business documents such as textbooks and industry press as most frequently referenced sections. Just lent a book at the library for your exams but frustrated because you can't make notes on the page?
Reading and organisation meets flexibility with Perforated Avery NoteTabs. Change or adjust the size you need by tearing along perforation. Then positione the extra piece of transparent polyester wherever you want. Write directly on the tab or see-through surface area then reposition, remove or replace without lifting the ink from the page or
damaging the paper. The best way to avoid library fines and be totally prepared for your exams!

For portable storage and organisation

Avery Pocket Tabs make it easy to store and carry items wherever you go! Whether it's in your diary or your notebook, you never have anywhere to store business cards, expense receipts, additional notes or handouts from a meeting, a CD when you are on the go... Now, keep them safe in closeable pocket with flap.

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