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Stress free Study Solutions for Students

The exam season is fast approaching and whether you’re studying for GCSEs or your degree finals it’s now the time to get yourself organised to make those last few revision nights that much less stressful.

Often exam revision is left until the last possible moment resulting in stacks of paperwork piled up around you and spending most of your reading time trying to locate the right book and page rather than any actual reading. However help is at hand! Avery has a large range of products available ranging from labels to signage to printable tabs that can really help you get organised for exam revision.


Avery printable tabs


Printable tabs (product code: 05412501)


A good way to study is to use some sort of colour coding system and the Avery printable tabs make colour coding really easy. These bright colourful tabs are so handy! Using Avery Design and Print Online software these tabs can be personalised with any information you require, meaning there’s no need to have a colour key as it’s printed on the tab. You can use them to tab book chapters for revision, note books for different subjects and even use them as bookmarks!

*Handy Tip* use them for finding quotes or facts you’ve highlighted in your text books. These sticky tabs stand out of your books which means you can get to the material you need in a matter of seconds rather than wasting valuable revision time flipping through books trying to find that important quote or fact you need.

Avery printable postcards


Postcards (product code: C2318-25)


Using the Avery Post Cards are a great item to use for flash cards. These cards are double sided which means you can have questions on one side and answers on the other. It also means that these cards can be coloured coded, the best way to do this is by using the Avery Design and Print Online software. You can either use colourful text or use a background colour; the choice is up to you!

*Handy tip* they are also really handy to use on things like notice boards for really essential information, such as exam dates and times! Having pages and pages of information can sometimes make you feel a bit overwhelmed!
Having bite size chunks of information on a notice board helps make it look a lot less crowded and much more organised !

Avery write and wipe sheets

Write and Wipe sheets (product code: 70702)

These Write and Wipe sheets are fantastic to use for a revision checklist or timetable. Having a checklist/timetable is essential for revision. The fact that they are Write and Wipe means that your checklist or time table can easily be updated and changed without having large strike outs or reprinting. These sheets can either be stuck to a desk or a wall and they are completely removable and repositionable. All you need is a set of whiteboard markers and a dry or wet cloth to wipe clean.

*Handy tip* why not use coloured markers that match your tabs and flash cards? This will keep your revision organised and help you focus.

Avery write and wipe sheets

Printable self cling signs (product code: L7080)

And last, but by no means least, is the Avery UK Self-Cling signs. Why do you need a sign? To let your household know you’re busy revising for your exams of course! There is nothing more annoying than being in the middle of a revision session and then your family come busting through the door to tell you some story of their day. Although spending time with the family is important so too is your study time and this time should be uninterrupted where possible. The self-cling signs are great to use as a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign to let your family know that you’re revising so they can keep the noise down and let you get on with your all-important exam revision. These signs are adhesive free so they will not leave any marks on any doors or walls and they can also be removed and reapplied a number of times, meaning that they are perfect to use a temporary sign.


Getting yourself organised for exam revision is something we would definitely recommend to any student, whether you’re still in High School or in your last year at University. These Avery UK products are a great way to get yourself organised in advance so that your materials are easily accessible for those last minute revision sessions.

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