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Create your own laminated signs...without a laminator!

Designing great looking wall and window signs is quick and easy with Avery Pre-Laminated Sheets. Using free Avery Software Design and Print Online, you can create, print and stick notices, posters and signs in an instant without the need for a laminator! This step by step guide will show you how easy it is.

Step 1: Get the product!

Avery offer two sizes of Pre-Laminated printable sheets: E3420 has 2 A5 signs per sheet and the E3421 is an A4 sheet.  Both are printable sheets that have one side of pre-glued, laminated film on them, allowing you to simply create, print and stick!
These instructions focus on the A4 (E3421) version, but are the same for both sizes
Click here to learn more about this product and to find where to buy it.

Step 2: Open Avery Design and Print Online

Using Avery Design and Print Online, type in the product code you wish to use.
In this example the code E3421 is being used. You can also browse by product category if you are not sure of the product code to use.
Avery have teamed up with the lovely people at Twinkl who have provided some special designs for use with Avery products.  These designs, which can be edited and adapted to suit your needs, can be found here: Twinkl Gallery

Step 3: Select your predesign

Avery Design and Print Online offers many predesigned templates for your signs.  In this example a 'Shhh' image is being used, however you can always choose a blank design which allows you to fully customise your own sign.  You can add your own images and text whether you use a predesign or a blank template.

Step 4: Design & print your sign

Once you've picked your template you can now use all the features of Avery Design and Print Online to design your sign.  Using the tools on the left of the screen you can add text, shapes, images or photographs, either from the Avery image gallery (which includes a selection of lovely Twinkl clipart) or photographs/images from your PC.  You can also add shapes to brighten up your sign. Here the words 'Quiet Please' have been added to a Twinkl design.
When printing, please read the instructions on your printer and ensure you print on the correct side of the sign (Print on This Side is clearly displayed on the product).

Step 5: Sticking your sign

Once you have printed your product, follow these simple steps
1. Remove the main part of the sign carefully from the backing sheet
2. Flip the sign and place it face down on to the backing sheet - you may need a steady hand for this step!
3. Remove the white paper surround of the sheet (the area around your sign with the pre printed Avery text on it)
4. Apply your sign where ever you want it.  Simple!

Note: If using to adhere to the inside of a window you can skip steps 1 & 2 in this section.

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