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Create customised classroom labels

Designing great looking labels is quick and easy with Avery Removable Labels. Using free Avery Software Design and Print Online, you can create, print and stick labels on drawers, coat pegs and almost anything in an instant without the need for a computer degree! What's more, by quickly typing the names of your pupils into a spreadsheet you can use our easy mail merge wizard to personalise all your labels at the touch of a button. This step by step guide will show you how easy it is.

Step 1: Get the product!

Avery offer a range of labels in the 'Sticky Stuff for Schools' range, in this example we are focusing on two of the removable products: E3212 are 14 labels on a page, an ideal size for name badges and book labels.  In this instance we are going to use them as coat peg labels as they are removable and are therefore easy to replace at the end of the school year. The second product is E3214, also a removable label but specially designed for labelling trays and files. Both are made with a material specially designed to print perfectly on inkjets, lasers and copiers.
Click here to learn more about all removable products in the range

Step 2: Creating a list of names

In this exercise we are going to create a sheet of labels with a different child's name on each label. The easiest way to apply a list of names is to do something we call 'mail merge'. This is a quick and easy way of creating a list of names rather than typing them one at a time for each different label needed.
We'll do this using a list of names created in Excel (if you don't need to have different information on each label, then you can skip this step).
Type your list of names in a spreadsheet. Ensure that you have a heading to the list of names eg: Names, so that it is easy to use later in this exercise. (Below is a link to detailed instructions on creating a spreadsheet.  These instructions go into more detail than you need, as we won't be creating names and addresses, but they are useful. Keep them open for reference in a later step).
Detailed instructions

Step 3: Open Avery Design and Print Online

Using Avery Design and Print Online, type in the product code you wish to use.
In this example the code E3212 is being used. You can also browse by product category if you are not sure of the product code to use.
Avery have teamed up with the lovely people at Twinkl who have provided some special designs for use with Avery products.  These designs, which can be edited and adapted to suit your needs, can be found here: Twinkl Gallery
You can edit the design whilst in Avery Design and Print Online, so don't worry if you want a different looking design.

Step 4: Merge your list

Once you have chosen your preferred label design you are now ready to add you list of names. Click on 'Import Data' from the left hand side and click 'Start Mail Merge', then follow the on screen instructions.  If you'd like more help use this link to our more detailed instructions: Detailed Instructions.
(You can jump straight to point 6 on page 5 of the instructions.  Please note the instructions refer to adding a name and address, but as the process is similar for adding a name from your spreadsheet most of the steps still apply).

Step 5: Ready to print!

You should now be ready to print your labels.  Click on the 'Preview & Print' button.  In the following screen you can check that all labels are looking as you want them, if not use the 'back' button to go back and complete any changes you want.
When printing, please read the instructions on your printer to ensure you print on the labels to their best quality. To check everything is OK you may want to complete a test print on a blank piece of paper first.
You will also need to check your paper size is set to A4 (and not US letter size), and the paper type is set to 'Labels'.

Step 6: Apply your design to another product

A great feature of Avery Design and Print Online is that you can apply a design to another product.  Below are the steps required to do this;

  1. In the Print Preview screen click the purple button 'Apply Design to Another Product'
  2. You now have the option to save your design, we'd recommend that you do for future use.
  3. Create your account with a user name and password.
  4. Once saved, you can now choose the other product you want to apply the design to.  In this example we will apply it to E3214 to complete our drawer labels with the same children's names we used previously.
  5. You may need to do some minor adjustments to ensure the test and images fit the new style label.
  6. Complete any changes you require and print your new tray labels.
  7. You can apply this design to as many other Avery products as you want and if you saved it, you can return and reprint at any time!

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