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3 easy ways to organise and inspire your students

When it comes to your classrooms, we understand just how important it is to inspire your students to learn and provide them with the right environment to enable them to excel. We have spent the last few years working with teachers to better understand your world, in order to develop a range of printable products that will help successfully organise and inspire your students.
We have gone through and selected what your fellow teachers have said to be the top 3 products they use in their classrooms:


Avery changeable sign slots

1. Child-proof signs and display products

These are great time savers and bring school signs, notices and displays in to the 21st century. Changeable sign slots are ideal for changing information such as notices, rotas, messages and menus. What’s more, they are already pre-glued and don’t tear.

Our teachers team these up with childproof laminating pouches for instantly protected designs and messages. They can go straight from the printer to the wall without the need for scissors, glue or a laminator. A great way to organise, inspire and decorate your classroom. .

Avery reward stickers

Reward and motivational stickers

If you’re looking for a way to praise your students, Avery print your own stickers enable you to create something really personal.  Printable from both inkjet and laser printers, you can create personalised stickers for all of your class using Avery’s Design and Print Software. You can create different shapes, colours and use images from our Twinkl gallery or upload a photo of your own.
Don’t want to pre-print messages? That’s no problem, choose and print your unique sticker design and simply hand write your personal message, it works just as effectively! like the others in the range, it comes with matching office essentials such as sticky notes and scissors too. 

Avery write and wipe

Write and Wipe stickers
These dry erase sheets are invaluable for turning a smooth surface into a writable area. Our teachers use these signs for both desks and walls, writing learnings, brainstorming, rotas, filling in calendars, reminders and inspirational messages. The list is endless.
These sheets come in different shapes and sizes and are made with repositionable glue, meaning you can move them around your classroom to suit your needs.

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