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Create Your Own Easter Egg Hunt

See how easy it is to create your own Easter Egg hunt by creating fun and exciting clues for the kids on Avery cards. On the cards you can include simple clues, short riddles or even add images to make the game even more fun. It's easy using Avery Cards and Avery Deign & Print Online free software.

Step 1: Get the product

Keep the kids entertained this Easter holiday with an Easter egg hunt; use Avery Post Cards C2318-25; part of the Avery Cards range to print your clues. There are templates available in Avery Design & Print Online so printing is easy and the cards are easy to separate when printed.

Step 2: Use Avery Design & Print Online

Visit, type in the software code on the packaging. In this example it’s C2318. You can also browse by product category if you are not sure which product code to use.

Step 3: Design the front of the post card

Select one of the fun pre-designed Easter templates for your clue cards, or you can use a blank design and add your own photos and images to it. We used a shape as our background, select a shape in the drop down option and then click on the image toolbar, then click set as background- you can do this with pre-design images too.  Add your clue message into a text box you can edit the font and colour.

Tip: remember to select ‘Edit One’ on the top left hand corner so you can design and edit each clue card in the Easter trail.

Step 4: Design the back of the post card

Use an eye catching image for the back of the clue card so they are easy to find! We have kept ours simple and selected an image from the Avery gallery in Design & Print Online.

Tip: To make the Easter trail more fun you can use the back of the post card to add a photo of the next hiding place, if the Easter egg is hidden in the kitchen drawer then why not take a photo of a saucepan as a clue. You can use images saved on your PC.

Step 5: Print your Post Cards

Save your design on your Design and Print online account so you can edit and re-use for future games. Print using an inkjet printer.  
Avery post cards are easy to separate as they are manufactured with Quick and Clean technology saving you the effort and giving you more time to hide those Easter treats!

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