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Avery Christmas Labels

Create Your Own Christmas Labels

There are many products in the range which would help you to make this Christmas a special and memorable one; for example our Greetings Cards are a lovely way to spread some personalised Christmas cheer while our Place Cards can add that festive touch to your dinner table. Designing great looking Christmas labels is quick and easy with Avery®. Using our free Design and Print Online software you can instantly create and print labels, present tags and more without the need for a computer degree! Did you know that a simple spreadsheet will help you to personalise all your labels at the touch of a button with our easy mail merge wizard. This step by step guide will show you how just easy it is:

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Step 1: Select Your Address Labels

Instructions: Avery offer a multitude of labels and cards in different sizes for whatever you might want to create.
In this tutorial we will be focusing on an L7160 standard addressing label (with 21 labels to a sheet), but you can use these instructions for any Avery produc such as parcel labels or small return address labels.  Click here to learn more of the full range of Avery Labels.
Avery L7160-40

Step 2: Create Your Spreadsheet of Names and Addresses


The easiest way to apply different names from your Christmas List on to each of your products (for example for address labels) is by doing something we call “Mail merge”.  This is a quick and easy way of automating the process rather than typing them one at a time for each different label needed.

  1. Open Microsoft Excel.
  2. Across the top row you will need to insert headers into each column (For example  Name, Address1, Address2 Address3, Address4, Postcode.) You can find more detailed instructions about creating a spreadsheet here.
  3. Fill in all your names addresses underneath the appropriate columns so that it looks like the example here.
  4. Save your spreadsheet for example “Christmas list 2013”
Create a spreadsheet of names and addresses

Step 3: Design Your Avery Labels in Design & Print Online


Go to our special Christmas page at to see this year’s festive selection! Select the design you would like to use and this will automatically open our Avery Design and Print Online software.

  1. Type in your product code of the product you would like to print on (in this example we are using L7160)
  2. Click “next”

You can also select a Blank design so you can create your labels from scratch. To do this go to and type in your preferred label code.

Avery Design and Print Online

Step 4: Print Your Christmas Labels

Instructions: You should now be ready to print your labels.  Click on the green 'Preview & Print' button.  In the following screen you can check that all labels look correct, if not use the 'back' button to go back and make any changes you want.
When printing, please read your printer’s instructions on how to print labels. To check everything is OK you may want to complete a test print on a blank piece of paper first. You will also need to check your paper size is set to A4 (and not US letter size), and the paper type is set to 'Labels'.
Please also refer to the printing instructions by clicking here.
Print your Christmas Labels

Step 5: Save Your Design for Future Use

Instructions: To save your design in an Avery Design & Print Online format that you can edit in the future, click on Save at the top of the screen. Save your file to your computer. You can open Design & Print Online at a later date and select the Load Project button to open your design. You can then edit your existing Design & Print Online file and quickly adapt it for other label uses instead!
Alternatively you can create an online account and save your design online.
This will mean that you can access it from any computer in the future.
Save your gift atg design

Step 6: Apply Your Design to Other Products


A great feature of Avery Design and Print Online is that you can apply a design to another product.  Below are the steps to do this;

  1. In the Print Preview screen click the purple button 'Apply Design to Another Product'
  2. You now have the option to save your design; we'd recommend that you do for future use. If you don’t already have a DPO account you will need to create one now
  3. Next choose the other product you want your apply the design to.
  4. You may need to do some minor adjustments to ensure the text and images fit the new style label.
  5. You can apply this design to as many other Avery products as you want and make a whole co-ordinated Christmas collection!


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