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Avery Christmas Cards

Create Your Own Christmas Cards

Why use the same style Christmas Cards this year? You can create your own using Avery® Cards with Avery Design & Print Online. The great range of designs allows you to add your personal touch to cards for family and friends. Here is a step by step guide to making memorable Christmas cards.

Required Products:

Avery Greetings Cards
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Step 1: Open Avery Design and Print Online


Avery offers a variety of products in the My Design range. In this example we are focusing on the Greetings Cards.
MD2001 – Avery Greeting cards with Stickers
Suitable for Inkjet printers and available to buy online at Amazon.

Avery MD2001 Greetings Cards

Step 2: Design Your Avery Christmas Card in Design & Print Online


Go to our special Christmas page at to see this year’s festive selection! Select the design you would like to use and this will automatically open our Avery Design and Print Online software.

  1. Type in your product code of the product you would like to print on (in this example we are using MD2001)
  2. Click “next”

You can also select a Blank design so you can create your cards from scratch. To do this go to and type in MD2001

Avery Design and Print Online

Step 3: Design Your Christmas Cards

Instructions: Using the tool bar on the Left, select the ‘Images’ option. Here you can select to choose from the wide variety of images in the Avery gallery (including further Christmas designs), or you can import an image of your own to use and personalise your cards, for example a family photo.
Adding Text:  Using the tool bar on the left, select the ‘Text’ option, the “add text box”. After inserting your text you can amend the colour, size and font
Design Your Own Christmas Card

Step 4: Print Your Christmas Card

Instructions: You should now be ready to print your cards.  Click on the green 'Preview & Print' button.  
In the following screen you can check that all cards look correct, if not use the 'back' button to go back and make any changes you want.
When printing, please read your printer’s instructions on how to print card. To check everything is OK you may want to complete a test print on a blank piece of paper first. You will also need to check your paper size is set to A4 (and not US letter size), and the paper type is set to card.
Please also refer to the printing instructions by clicking here.
Print your Christmas Card

Step 5: Save Your Design for Future Use

Instructions: To save your design in an Avery Design & Print Online format that you can edit in the future, click on Save at the top of the screen. Save your file to your computer. You can open Design & Print Online at a later date and select the Load Project button to open your design. You can then edit your existing Design & Print Online file and quickly adapt it to become a birthday card instead!
Alternatively you can create an online account and save your design online.
This will mean that you can access it from any computer in the future.
Save your gift atg design

Step 6: Apply Your Design to Other Products

Instructions: A great feature of Avery Design and Print Online is that you can apply a design to another product.  Once you have saved your gift tag design you can click on the purple button Apply Design to Another Product.  You will now be taken back to the Select Product screen - simply return to step 3 in this article and repeat the process to complete your gift labels, address labels or gift tags - the options are endless.


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