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Avery Christmas Angel

Create Your Own Christmas Angel

You can use Avery® products in a variety of ways. Here we show you how to convert an Avery round Write & Wipe sheet into a perfect Christmas Angel. The added bonus of using Avery Write & Wipe as the foundation of your angel is that you can decorate it using dry erase pens, then simply wipe it off and start again.

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Step 1: Step 1

Instructions: Cut out a circle of card or paper. Avery Write & Wipe circles are perfect for this as they save you a job!
Cut your circle

Step 2: Step 2


In the middle of your circle draw a smaller circle, and from that circle draw a vertical line to the outside of the larger circle. Then draw 2 more lines, to the left and right of the smaller circle as shown.

Draw the required lines

Step 3: Step 3


Cut all the lines and around the smaller circle,  but leave a little uncut at  the bottom of the circle, because it is the neck of the angel.

Cut along your lines

Step 4: Step 4

Instructions: Decorate your angel as you desire. I have decided to cut the edge of the wings so they have a wavy effect and used gold and silver pens….glitter would also be a nice touch.
Decorate your angel

Step 5: Step 5

Instructions: Twist the wings and insert each half through the cuts you made either side of the smaller circle, like an X.
Construct your angel

Step 6: Step 6


You have your finished angel, which will sit perfectly on top of your Christmas tree

Your finished angel!!

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