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Create Photo Gift Labels

Personalised gift tags are lovely for any member of the family, but for those little ones who can’t read yet, why not use Avery Design & Print Software to make them easy-to-recognise photo labels, so that they know exactly which present is for them? This simple step-by-step guide shows how you can easily create those special gift tags with images rather than text - for a great personal touch.

Step 1: Get your Avery product

To be honest, you can use any Avery label as a gift label, but for this guide we have chosen the new Create Your Own Jar Labels because they have a Photographic finish and look lovely and glossy.

Step 2: Use Design&Print Online

Go to and enter your product code. This will open the free Avery Design & Print Online software, which is the best software to use when designing labels with images.

Step 3: Create your design

Choose one of the Avery designs,  or blank template if you wish to create your own from scratch.  For this project we will be using a Christmas theme template which is available from the Avery Christmas Gallery (this step will replace step 2 above if you use a design from the Christmas Gallery).

Step 4: Add your image

Click 'Add image' and locate the photo on your computer you would like to use on your label. If you prefer, you can choose images hosted on your social media pages. You can also add messages and clipart images from the Avery Gallery.  Be as creative as you like!
There is an undo button for anything you don't want to keep.

Step 5: Save your design

Save your design so you can use it agin later.  If you save it to your online Design & Print account, you will be able to access it from any computer connected to the internet.  Alternatively you can save it to your computer as a .avery file.

Step 6: Print

In order to print, Design & Print Online will create a pdf file for you to print from. You can save this pdf to your computer for later use too.  If you are using one of the Avery A6 printable sheet products, make sure you read the instructions carefully before printing.  You can also find out how to print on non A4 sheets here.

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