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Create Signs for All Times
When having an event or a party, a great way of letting your guests know how to get to you or the party is to have a sign.

Using signs will ensure to make a big impact. Now there’s a way you can make your own personalised signs right from your own computer and desktop printer, and that look as neat and professional every time, whether you’re making one sign or one hundred.

With Avery® Self-Laminating Adhesive Signs, you’ll get everything you need to create your own personalised signs. Using the Avery Wizard software you can download your own images and add the text you need to go on your signs.

By using the Avery Templates for a variety of events and occasions to help you get started with your own sign or poster. You’ll also get print-to-the-edge adhesive sign sheets that work with both laser and inkjet printers.
And because they’re repositionable, you can remove and re-apply them to get perfect placement.

What else can you do with our Self Adhesive Signs? Here are five popular ideas:

1 Announce fundraisers and events with signs that list the event, time and place.

2 Use these signs to help direct people to an event, such as “The Party’s Here!” For an eye-catching look that can be seen from a distance, use pictures, bold graphics and large font sizes.

3 Spotlight that special person by including their photograph on the poster and make him/her the “star of the show.” Birthdays, retirement parties and baby showers are just some ideas where you can display these posters at the event and give everybody a chance to sign.

4 Make a school project go from good to great with a poster that’s easy to make and fun to create.

The next time you’ve got something to announce, instead of grabbing messy pens or paint and poster board, grab Avery Self-Laminating Signs instead. You’ll get everything you need to design, print and assemble your own personalised sign for any occasion—right from your desktop.

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