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Decorate your halloween treats with Avery
Treat or Treat?
Halloween is a great time of year. There are plenty of fun events you can plan and when else do you get to wear a costume? If you’re planning on handing out treats, why not try making some spooky themed goodies.

With Avery round labels, you can make fab, frightful, round cupcake toppers to give your ordinary treats a Halloween twist. Save more time for pumpkin carving by using this free ready-to-print template for use with any Avery 60mm round label,  of which we have many!

  • Glossy Inkjet Round Labels: J8105
  • Glossy Laser Round Labels: L7790
  • Round Paper Labels (for any printer): L3416
  • Removable Round Labels: L7104REV and L3416REV
  • Brown Kraft Round Labels: L7106
  • Glossy Clear Round Labels: L7127


All you need to finish them off are some cocktail sticks and the cakes themselves… Just stick two labels back to back with a cocktail stick in between the two and voilà! We recommend baking chocolate cupcakes in orange cases and even adding some jelly worms to the mix for a shocking surprise when you bite in to the middle!
To continue your Halloween theme, Avery’s removable round product labels are great for labelling bottles and glasses with gruesome potions (we mean drinks!) and adding eerie names to the other deadly dishes you’ll cook up for the party!
Don’t forget to share photos of your terrifying treats with us on our Facebook page or tweet them to us @UKAvery.

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