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Halloween Party Decorations

It’s time to get the house decorated for your Halloween party.

As we chose a zombie party theme we wanted to create some scary decorations for the house as well as signs for the doors so that my party guests (zombies) don’t get lost!

Firstly I decided to create a sign for the front door so that my guests know that they have come to the right party. With it being October you have to consider that there might be wet weather come party night so I created mine on one of Avery’s self-laminating signs. These signs are great as they are water and dirt resistant but they also have removable adhesive so they can be applied and taken down very easily, very efficient for a temporary sign!

I used the design from the Avery Halloween gallery, these free designs can be applied to any Avery product so you can really go to town on the Halloween decorations.

Now that my zombie’s know where the party is I can now turn my focus inside the house. Firstly I decide to create some other door signs, there’s nothing worse than going in and out of every room trying to find the bathroom in a strange house so to make life easier I designed a bathroom sign and also a fun ‘do not enter’ sign for the rooms of the house that are off limits during the party. By making these signs part of the party theme they come across as a fun extra of the party but at the same time are likely to keep your guests at bay so they don’t spot that big laundry pile you forgot you had…

These signs were done using the Avery self-cling signs. These signs are adhesive free so can be applied to any wall or door and removed without leaving any residue.

I have to say that I was so impressed with the door signs that I also used them to create some bloody hand prints to go up the walls; I simply printed them and cut them out, they look great and added a great touch to the party décor.

Now that the house is all decorated the last thing to get sorted is the food and drink before the guests arrive!

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