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easter eggs
Easter Egg Hunt
Preparing for the Hunt

Make your Easter Egg hunt for this kids easier this year with a little help planning from Avery®!  Prepare for the Easter Egg Hunt well in advance of your guests' arrival. To save surfaces from getting spoiled with clues stuck on them, use Avery® Multipurpose Removable Labels for easy application and removal

Handy tip! - To help you prepare you clues hassle free, why not download Avery® Wizard

The clues vary in complexity according to your egg hunters age range. They can be as long or short as you want. A good length is between 7-10 clues; here are for some ideas for clues and routes!

Clue 1 (to be read out by the hostess – starting in the main room)
Your first clue can be found on something red in the kitchen… It is consumed with many meals as a added to taste sauce.. often eaten with chips…..
Answer: Tomato ketchup

Clue 2 (to be stuck to the ketchup bottle with Avery® removable labels)
Your second clue is found in a place where mummy rests her head. It has feathers in it but you can’t see them….
Answer: Mummy’s pillow in bedroom

Clue 3 (to be stuck to mummy’s pillow with Avery® removable labels)
Your third clue is found in a place where all the garden tools are stored. In particular this tool is used to keep the grass short and neat. Daddy normally uses it in the spring and summer months….
Answer: Lawn mower in shed

Clue 4 (to be stuck to the lawn mower in the shed with Avery® removable labels)
Your fourth clue is found in a place where we clean ourselves. It appears on the item you use to wash your hair…
Answer: Shampoo in the bathroom

Clue 5 (to be stuck on the shampoo in the bathroom with Avery® removable labels)
Your fifth clue is found on an item that it a treat.. You can get them in all different flavours, but the best is chocolate.. You might like to dip them in your cup of tea...
Answer: Biscuits in the biscuit barrel

Clue 6 (to be stuck on the biscuit barrel in the kitchen with Avery® removable labels)
Your sixth clue can be found on a place where you enter and leave.. visitors knock on the door to enter and sometimes even ring the bell. The postman posts letters through its letterbox…
Answer: The front door

Clue 7 (to be stuck on the front door with Avery® removable labels)
Your seventh clue can be found in a place where the family eats their dinner.. It’s in the place where Mummy normally sits…
Answer: Mummy’s chair in the dinning room

Clue 8 (to be stuck on the underside of mummy’s chair in the dinning room with Avery® removable labels)  Your eighth clue can be found in a place where you contact people.. It makes a ‘ring-ring’ sound and when you pick it up you say ‘hello’..
Answer: The telephone

Clue 9 (to be stuck on the underside of the telephone with Avery® removable labels)
Congratulations! You’ve nearly completed the hunt; this is the last clue that will take you to the treasure, treats and chocolates!
This clue will can be found in a place where daddy sits to travel to work… It has 4 wheels and a horn… The treasure is waiting for you...!!
Answer: Daddy’s car (hide the treats and chocolate in the back of the car, making sure the car is in a safe place for the children to go to)
Comment to be stuck on the upholstery in the back of the car with Avery® Removable labels
‘Congratulations! You’ve found the Easter treasure! Enjoy and share it together’

Handy tip! - With an indoor hunt, hide the eggs in a different room than your main entertaining area so that your eggs aren't discovered before the hunt begins.

Let the Hunt Begin
Once everyone has had a chance to nibble on some food, and the children are bouncing off the walls like baby bunnies, it's time to set them loose on the hunt. If there's a wide disparity in the children's ages, let the youngest ones have the first crack at finding the eggs. If you know that some of your little guests will be very young, 'hide' some eggs out in the open so that they can have the thrill of finding them before they lose interest in the activity. Once the little bunnies have had a couple of minutes to look around, you can set the bigger ones loose.

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