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Create fun party stickers

Buying decorations for a party can sometimes get expensive so why not create your own? Using Avery stickers you can personalise your party, whether you use them on party favours at a wedding, plastic cups at a children’s Birthday party or even on candles to add that extra touch to a dinner party.

You can use either the White Glossy labels or the Brown Kraft labels. The stickers can be created using the free Design and Print software. You can choose from the range of pre-designed templates or you can create your own using the text tool and even upload your own images!

Using the ‘apply design’ feature in the software will allow you to use the same design across our whole product range which means that the stickers can easily be tailored to your party theme to match place cards and invitations. For full instructions on how to use these feature please click here

The stickers can be used on a range of items including glass bottles, paper cups, candles, bags and can even be used as cupcake toppers! Simply stick two labels back to back on a cocktail stick and you’ll have some stand out cake toppers.

Using the stickers are sure to add an extra touch to your party especially as they can be personalised easily using the free Design and Print software!

Check out our Pinterest gallery for further inspiration on creating the perfect event.

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