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Create bottle labels

A great way to personalise any event or party is by using bottle labels. These labels can be used on wedding favours or can be used to decorate wine and beer bottles on tables.

These bottle labels can be really handy if you need to share out wine amongst tables by adding table numbers to the labels. Or, if you’re attending a shared corporate event, then personalising the bottles can make sure you can keep track of your bottles throughout the evening.

Using the Create Your Own bottle labels (Product code HBL01) you can easily personalise the labels which will fit neatly onto your wine or champagne bottles (for beer bottles we suggest the HBL02labels).

Use the free Design and Print software to create your personalised designs. You can either create your own or you can choose from one of our many pre-designed templates in the software.

As the labels are small individual labels (rather the labels on an A4 sheet) be sure to check your printer settings before you print! Detailed instructions can be found in the label packets or you can view them online here.

*Handy tip* - If you need to remove an existing label from your bottle leave the bottle soaking overnight in a bowl of warm water . This can sometimes make the removal a lot smoother.

Using bottle labels is a great way to add a little something extra to your party and they really stand out on the table. They can then also be kept as a lovely memento of your evens by your guests!

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