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Business cards are a fantastic marketing tool. They can convey an instant message all on one little card. Avery® Quick&Clean™ Double-Sided Business Cards allow you to print the exact number of cards you need as and when you need them.


Custom Gift Tags:

Make gift tags with unique messages to add your own personal touch to a gift for a friend or family. Using the Avery Wizard software you can create your own designs and fonts to create a personalised message. Punch a hole on one end of the card and you’ll have ready-made gift tags to attach with a pretty ribbon.

Youth Business Cards:

Is your teen a burgeoning entrepreneur? Is he or she ready to commit to their business? Print cards with baby-sitting hours or rates for garden work—then encourage your youngster to distribute them to neighbourhood friends.

Jobseeker Cards:

Create a great first impression at an interview or networking event! Present a card that not only gives your contact details, but a summary of your skills and expertise. A great way to stand out when you are looking for a job!

Social Networking Cards:

Networking does not just have to be for work! Create cards to reflect your own personality and include info on how to find you on Facebook, Twitter etc as well as your usual details!

Place Cards:

To create a unique touch at your next party, print each guest’s name onto a card. Embellish each card with a simple flower or bow or add decorations that will reflect the theme of your party, such as a snowman for Christmas. Then display the card at the place of the table where you’d like each guest to sit. Or if you are entertaining buffet style, use the cards to identify each individual dish.

To view our fantastic Avery Wizard with loads of new clip art and pre designed templates, click here.

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