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A Spring Cleaning Extravaganza
Amongst the piles of clutter, winter warmers, forgotten bills, and overdue library books, you have a house. A house you would desperately love to show off with pride. You often wish you had a better filing system for your personal papers, you weren’t such a hoarder and most of all were able to organise your household like the organised person you are. But while you’re waiting for the inspiration to get stated on the spring clean let Avery make a few suggestions which might save you some time pre putting on your washing-up gloves! Who knows, you might even enjoy it!!

Spring Cleaning made more manageable with Avery!
One of the biggest parts of spring cleaning is getting rid of clutter that you don't need. Use these helpful hints and resources to clear out and archive your stuff. Cleaning will be a lot easier if the clutter is gone!
Filing a headache? Swimming under mounds of paperwork? Don’t despair archive old documents and paperwork with Avery IndexMaker™. Create a professional, easy to use filing system that’s as unique as you are. Simply personalise the tabs to create a solution specific for your needs! How about, your child’s report cards, repeat prescriptions, bank statements and pay slips or even old recipes from internet purchases. Find out more information on Avery IndexMaker™ now!

Not enough space in your wardrobe?
Let your summer clothes breathe by washing and packing away all your cold winter clothes. This will allow you more space in your wardrobe for your linen outfits! The best place to store winter clothes is in plastic boxes either in the loft or under the bed if you have spare space. By using removable labels from Avery you can easily mark contents of each box incase you need to find something and when you’re unpacking. The advantage of using removable labels is that once you’re unpacking these items again in late autumn you’ll easily be able to remove the labels and leave no residue on the plastic boxes, you can then continue the rotating system by packing your summer clothes away. Find out how you can sort out your summer wardrobe with Avery removable labels today!

Run out of memory on your digital camera?
It’s about time you removed the celebratory Christmas and New Year photos from your memory card, thus making way for holiday snaps and long summer night bbq photos!! But these are memories that you don’t want to forget, so download them onto your computer and burn to disk. You need to mark them so they’re easy to find, but why handwrite them when it’s possible that they can get smudged and even wear over time? Why not try CD/DVD labels from Avery? By using Avery’s fantastic free downloadable software tool Wizard™ 3.1 you can create, personalise or use pre designed templates to make archive labels for your disks to send to family or friends or just for archiving so you can easily find them again. Wizard™ is certified add on for Microsoft Office. You can use it to create hundreds of Avery products from Word, Excel, or Access. Find out more about CD / DVD Labels and get archiving!

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