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Make Your Own Reward Stickers

Make that extra bit of effort to show your class or children that you appreciate their efforts, progress or behaviour. They're easy to create and you can even use one of the free design tools on offer to make the look truly perfect!

Step 1: Get Started

In this guide Avery E3613 Round Stickers will be used. They are part of the Avery ‘Education Range’ and can be used on Inkjet, Laser and Colour Laser Printers.
Go to Avery Design & Print Online. Click on Create a New Project to get started.

Step 2: Select Your Specific Product

Using Avery Design and Print Online, type in the product code you wish to use. In this example, E3613 is being used. You can also browse by product category if you are not sure of the product code to use.

Step 3: Select a Design

Avery Design and Print online offer many pre-designed templates for you labels. In this example, a simple pre-design is being used and edited for a ‘Congratulations’ reward sticker, however you can use the blank design which allows you to fully customise your label. You can add your own text and images whether you are using a pre-design or a blank template.

Step 4: Design your Reward Sticker

You can now use all the features of Avery Design and Print Online to Design your labels. Using the tools on the left of the screen you can add text, shapes, images.
To add your own image or photograph, use the toolbar on the left hand side to format the text, change the style, size and colour.  To add your own graphic onto the sticker click Add Image, then From File. Browse for your image and insert it.  You can move it or re-size as necessary. Click Next.
You can either choose to do all the labels the same, or design each label differently using the ‘Edit One or Edit All’ tool on the right side of the screen. In this example, we have used ‘Edit All’ so that each label looks the same.  

Step 5: Finish & Print

Click onto Print your project and your design will be shown as a preview. We recommend printing on a blank sheet of paper forst to ensure that your printer is properly aligned.
Here is our finished product....

Step 6: Print and Finish

Before printing your image make sure to test print on paper to make sure you are happy with your design. Follow the instructions included inside of the packaging to ensure you apply the transfer to the t-shirt correctly.

If you have any questions about this guide you can email us or call the Avery Consumer Information team on 0800 80 50 20.

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