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Create your own bottle and jar labels

Using Avery products it's easy to create your own labels for your homemade wine, beer, jam or honey. The products are use cold resistant adhesive and the material is splash resistant - so ideal for items that will be stored in the fridge. Avery offer two suitable producst for bottles, choose the one that best suits your needs. Use Avery Design and Print Online to create a unique label for that special occasion. This step by step guide will show you how easy it is.

Step 1: Choose the product

In this guide Avery MD4001 will be used.  This product is a large rectangular label in white, specifically designed to be used with inkjet printers it is cold resistant and wipeable - ideal for use in the fridge!. It's part of the Avery 'My Design' range of products.
An alternative product is Avery L7111-10, it's a textured, water resistant label optimised for bottle.  It is smaller in size than the MD4001 and is arched at the top rather than rectangular. It is specifically made for laser printers and is layed out to ensure that you can print your design all the way to the edge of the label.
click here to learn more about Avery L7111.

Step 2: Use Avery Design and Print Online

Using Avery Design and Print Online, type in the product code you wish to use.  In this example C32295 is being used.  You can also browse by product category if you are not sure of the product code to use.

Step 3: Select your template

Avery Design and Print Online offers many pre-designed templates for your labels.  In this example a Birthday pre-design is being used and edited, however you can always choose a blank design which allows you to fully customise your own Label. Avery Design and Print Online allows you to totally customise your design by adding images and graphics - you can even add them as backgrounds. Other features include adding serial numbers, arched text or QR codes (useful for linking to a website).

Step 4: Design your label

You can now use all the features of Avery Design and Print Online to design your label.  Using the tools on the left of the screen you can add text, shapes, images (either images from the Avery gallery or photographs/images from your PC).  You can also add shapes to brighten up your label or even add a QR code to link to a website - QR codes allow smartphones to scan the code and take the user to a predefined web page.

Step 5: Print your bottle label

Follow your printer manufacturers guidelines when printing labels, most recommend using the bypass tray as Avery labels are thicker than paper and require a straight feed path through the printer.
Once printed, carefully remove labels and apply!

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