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Create a personalised Family Tree Cushion

Use Avery fabric transfers to create a personalised gift for someone you love. In this example we use a fabric transfer to print a family tree on a cushion. A special gift that can be treasured forever.

Step 1: Buy Avery Fabric Transfers

Avery offer different transfers for light and dark cotton and also in A4 and A5 sizes.  For this project I used MD1001: A4 Fabric Transfers for Light Cotton as I had a white cotton pillow.

Step 2: Design the transfer

Go to and enter code MD1001

Step 3: Add text and images

Select a blank or predesigned image (we chose a blank design so we could start from scratch).

Add text and images as required.  Here we have added an image of a tree and then placed family pictures on top of that tree image.  It's easy to resize images and move them to any position within the design.

Step 4: Print your design

Click the green Preview and print button.  
Avery Design and Print automatically “flips” your image in preparation for printing, so please just print as normal and don’t use any “t-shirt transfer” setting your printer may have.

Step 5: Iron on your transfer

Avery Fabric Transfer packs included detailed instructions on how to iron on your transfer.  The main points include making sure you only iron onto items made from 100 cotton and you do not use any steam!

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