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Save time with Avery 2 in 1 Label and Paper for sending parcels

Avery 2 in 1 shipping label and invoice allow you to create both items in one go. Save time in your busy schedule by creating and printing both in a short time using free software from Avery. A perforation between the label and paper allow this A4 sheet to easily split into two creating one label and one invoice. The label is made of Avery BlockOut material meaning it can be stuck over an old label without allowing what's underneath to show through.

Step 1: Get the product

In this guide we'll be using the Avery 2 in 1 Shipping Label and Invoice, product code L7980.  It is available in two pack sizes, either 100 sheets (L7980-100) or 40 sheets (L7980-40).  The special material is designed for Laser and Colour Laser printing.

Step 2: Use Avery Design & Print Online

Avery Design and Print Online is a free to use software from Avery that requires no download to your PC or Mac.  Enter the product code into the search box (L7980) and you will presented with all the pre-designed templates Avery have created for this product.  You have total flexibility from here, you can either use the blank template to create your own label and invoice design, use one of our pre-designed templates or mix the two together by starting with one of our designs and add your own logo's later in the process.

Step 3: Design your label & Invoice

Once you have selected a design or a blank template you can use all the editing features in Design & Print Online.  You can add images, text (including circular text), logo's, bar codes/QR codes and  reference numbers all from the left hand menu.  You can also use the built in mail merge function to create multiple labels and invoices - simply create all of your names and addresses (and any other relevant information) in an Excel file or csv file first.
Once you have completed your label design, don't forget to design your invoice / shipping note.  Click on the invoice in the right hand side 'Sheet Navigator' section.  You can apply all features to your invoice that you applied to your label (logo's, text, images, bar code and mail merge).

Step 4: Save and Print

Once you have completed your design you can save your work either locally to your computer or save it online where Avery will store it for you until you need it again.  To save online you will need to create an Avery account, if you save to your computer you will need to be in Design & Print Online in order to open it in the future.
When you are ready to print, you can do a test print on A4 paper first to make sure everything prints OK (and prints on the right side of the sheet - please note which way your printer requires labels to be fed through - face up or face down).

Step 5: Apply your Label

Once you have printed your sheet, separate the label from the bottom paper section along the perforations carefully.  You can then apply your label.  Remember that the Label is created using Avery's special BlockOut material which means you can apply it over an old label and the text from underneath will not show through - so you can easily recycle boxes!

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