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Avery's Range of Trimmers and Guillotines

Trimmers for a creative finish!
If you enjoy being creative at home and like to print your own photo’s or create your own cards and scrapbooks then Avery® Trimmers are a perfect solution.

Achieve a professional finish on your cards and paper with a range of Trimmers that are designed to cater for your be creativity at home. Here are some ideas on how you could get the most out of your Trimmer:

When printing your photo’s at home use the Avery Photo & Paper Trimmer TR002 or TR003. All of our Trimmers come with photographic templates to ensure an accurate cut for your photographs.

When creating posters for school fete’s, fundraiser's or other events where you need something you have created at home to look professional, then it’s always useful to have a compact trimmer to hand (try the A4CT or A3CT). Our trimmers are lightweight and portable, making them ideal for home storage - simply grab from the cupboard when you need it.

Need to trim larger volumes of paper or sheets of card? The Avery office trimmer A4TR or A3TR have a 12 sheet, of 80gsm paper, capacity. These models are extremely lightweight and have convenient carrying handles. They can be stored either flat or upright to save space. The self sharpening blade which is TUV certified, will give you a performance cut.

Trimming larger sizes of paper? The top of the range Precision trimmers can tackle sizes from A4 up to A0. The automatic pressure mechanism prevents paper slippage while cutting up to 30 sheets of paper. With magnetic lockable backstops you will get a precision cut time after time.

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