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Create your own 'Mommy Cards'
Really useful Mummy Cards
When we first noticed the craze of “Mommy cards” sweeping the US, we have to admit we were a bit sceptical. However, as we get used to the idea and see more and more beautiful and creative ideas appearing on Pinterest, we’re now changing our mind!  There are so many times as a parent when you need to exchange your details with someone else.  Other parents at the school gate, play date parents, summer play schemes, babysitters… in fact anyone who comes into contact with your kids.
As well as your personal details, parents cards are a great way to share important information such as your child’s allergies, likes or fussy habits.  It also simply helps to stay in touch – every parent knows that a network of other parent friends is essential, especially when it comes to last minute pick up emergencies.

The Avery card range can help you create your own contact cards without you needing to order large volumes.  Using our free software you can put exactly the information you need on it, and you can even put different information on different cards depending on what you want (or need) to share.  
To get you started we have created this free template and cards for you to download.  Created on a word document, simply choose the design you like best and add in your details.  Print on Avery C32011 Business Cards.

Click here to download the template.

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