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Kids Summer Holidays Schedule

The summer holidays are upon us again, and while this is an exciting time for our little ones (six weeks off school – we all remember those days!), it can be a nightmare for us as parents to organise. 


Whether you’re a stay-at-home mum or a working parent, using an Avery Write & Wipe calendar calendar can help you plan your schedule.




As a working mum, I rely on a variety of childcare to help spread the cost - juggling childminders, week-long summer camps, family help and days off work all comes into effect to get through the break! Having a Write & Wipe Calendar in invaluable to me … a visual aid up on the wall that I walk past ten times a day means I know exactly who is looking after my daughter and when. 


Not only does it keep me sane from a planning perspective – it also keeps my daughter from nagging me about when she’s going to get to see her Granny through the week! Genius!



Alternatively, you can use your Write & Wipe to plan your days out and activities throughout the summer – that way your children can see what they are doing too and look forward to that Friday marked off on the calendar for swimming or bowling! 


When you’ve come to the end of the week, simply wipe it off and start again!



Why not get the kids involved too? – let them doodle their weekly plan for summer fun. 


If plans change due to a rainy day (it is England!), just wipe it off and change the plan – nothing needs to be set in stone with an Avery Write & Wipe!

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