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Helpful Luggage Tags

Holiday season is in full swing and for many of us we are delighted at the thought of our next holiday experience. But even the most experienced of travellers can suffer from the worry of lost baggage, or getting their luggage mixed up with another’s.


Why not use an easy to scan QR code to add an extra layer of security to your travel experience and ensure that your information is kept private and any lost baggage can find its way back to you far more easily!




Using the free Avery Design and Print Software, you can design your own QR code that discreetly links to your personal information. You can add a QR code to any product! If a label is not what you’re looking for, why not try an Avery Tag with String as these are very strong and perfect for attaching to any bag or suitcase.


Here’s how to get started:

Go to the Design and Print Software and simply enter the product code for the Tag with String (C32300).  


Once you click on ‘Go,’ you will be taken directly into the Design and print Software, where you can choose from hundreds of pre-designed templates, or start from scratch with a blank template. To make your bag stand out, we suggest using a bright coloured design.


Once your template is selected, click on ‘QR and Barcodes’ and click on ‘enter barcode.’ From here to can enter the relevant URL that links to your personal information.


Many people like to enter their personal email address, or you can select to link to a personal website.


Your QR will generate and you can get to printing! Print as little or as many as you need from any laser or inkjet printer. Save your code creations to re-use again and again.


Simply attach to your luggage and get ready to enjoy your trip!

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