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Organise your home office
4 Tips for a productive home office
When we think of an ‘office,’ we tend to think of our dedicated workspaces associated  with productivity and tackling our to do lists.  For those of us who work from home It can often be a challenge to recreate this concentrated productivity, whilst getting the home and work balance right. Here’s our advice for creating a productive home-working environment…

Create a harmonious environment
If you don’t have your own dedicated room to work from, make sure you choose stationery and accessories that compliment your surroundings and work in harmony with your décor. Avery’s new ColorStak range adds a contemporary pop of colour to any room. It’s bold and brings a design-led style, making it a perfect choice for home offices.

Label your space
No matter how hard you try, it’s likely you’re going to end up storing some paperwork as part of your job. Whilst this isn’t a problem in a big office with plenty of filing cabinets, at home you’re often left wondering how to organise everything you’ve accumulated. Don’t despair,  labels can add style to your living space. Labelling storage boxes, drawers, shelves and magazine racks doesn’t have to mean compromising on interior style. Chalkboard Labels are very on trend and look chic applied to just about everything from jars to boxes. And for vintage and rustic interiors Brown Kraft Labels will look simply stunning.

Maximise your space
Desk space can be really limited in the home office, that’s if you’ve got a desk. Many home workers simply work from the kitchen table or spare bedroom. When surface space is at a premium, but you still want to have your essentials close by, such as paperwork and pens, choose stackable storage options. The Avery ColorStak range is cleverly designed to be completely self-stacking, you don’t even need connecting risers. The ColorStak collection includes accessories trays, pen pots and more, all designed to neatly stack up high and give you maximum desk space.

Take control of the to do list
To do lists can seem endless, especially when you work from home and you find yourself adding personal reminders to the list. Note pads, paper lists and sticky note reminders can soon make your workspace look chaotic. For a more convenient, less messy way to remember things – why not apply an Avery Write and Wipe Sheet somewhere convenient such as the fridge or the walls near your desk? Use a whiteboard marker to write down anything you need to remember and when you’re done simply wipe and re-write as many times as you like.

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