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New Products

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Create Your Own

Organise and personalise all your favourite things

Featuring printable rectangular, round & oval labels, brown kraft labels, bottles & jar labels, stylish chalkboard labels & fabric transfers.

Avery WePrint

We’ll Print Your Avery Products For You

Design your labels & stickers, ring binders and business cards and we’ll print it for you. Upload your own image, PDFs and branding to truly personalise your products. High quality personalised products to impress your customers.

Pricing Guns and Labels

A new range of retail solutions

Avery now offers various solutions for price and product labelling, from mechanical pricing and tagging guns, to printable and hand-writable label sheets.


Self-Stackable Desktop Accessories

Mix, match and stack your way to a new organised workspace with the colourful, self-stacking ColorStak Range

Ultra Heavy Duty Labels

BS5609 Section 2 certified heavy-duty labels.

Ultra-Heavy duty labels are designed to withstand chemicals, abrasion, sun, water and extreme temperatures. They are ultra-resistant, waterproof, tear resistant and adhere to metal, plastic and painted surfaces.

Promotional Labels

A new range of pre-printed promotional labels.

Get your promotional information to stand out and enable instant recognition. Labels come in an easy to use dispenser pack for fast and convenient labelling. Available in a range of pre-printed messages using neon colours.

Self-Laminating Labels

Self-laminating labels can be used indoors and outdoors.

Extra durable labels, waterproof, dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe. Perfect for labelling electronic devices, kitchen canisters and lunchbox items.

Product & Promotion Labels

Glossy, round and oval labels for that extra special touch

If you are looking for a premium look and a professional finish for your products, then look no further than Avery product labels.