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Avery UK Culture
If you're looking for an employee-valuing culture, we'd like to get to know you. We're Avery UK, a driving force in the office products industry, and we're looking for quality people with ideas and solutions to help us break new ground in the 21st century.

Changing the way people work by providing creative solutions, unique services and innovative products for the office, school and home.

Our values guide the way we work together to build an ethical and successful business where people are respected, involved, enjoy, and are challenged by their work and continuously learn. Each of us strives to:
* Have integrity
* Value and respect individuals
* Build and support teamwork
* Take initiative and risks
* Focus on customers and consumers
* Foster innovation and learning
* Be socially responsible

Avery Leadership Position in the Office Products Marketplace

Avery UK holds the leading position in various product categories. Our brand is among the most recognised in the industry. This gives Avery heightened visibility with our trade customers and consumers. Avery is recognised as a leader in bringing innovative products to the market. Recent popular introductions include Avery EcoFriendly Labels and Printable Dividers!

How Do We Do It?
With a leading position in the marketplace and significant growth fueled by new product innovations, Avery provides a thriving environment for career growth.

Dedication To the New Product Development Process

At Avery, we put a premium on new product development; it's our lifeblood in the competitive and dynamic office products industry.

Today's Consumer Mindset

While Avery products are most often used in the business environment, individual consumers often select these products. As such, Avery UK strives to understand, reach, and satisfy the needs of these end users.

Computer Technology Focus
Much of the growth has come from a strategic focus on high-technology solutions for consumers. We have established exclusive partnerships with leading software companies, including Microsoft®, to design built-in templates in their popular word processing and database programs. Avery works closely with major hardware manufacturers such as Hewlett-Packard® and Canon® to create targeted promotions and high-performance products.